Stilt City needs your help to become a reality. As a grassroots project, crowd-source funding seemed like the most appropriate platform for raising our construction costs. You, as a member of the community, can help us by pledging as little as $10. Everyone and every pledge helps us meet our goal, and as a contributor, you become part of a community of supporters that are actively participating in an alternative economy that is reshaping our cities and culture.

The money raised from this campaign will be used for construction costs, which will total $160,000 -$180,000. The $100,000 fundraising goal is about half of the real costs after fees, the remainder is being funded by Robyn Renee Hasty using private funds. The operating budget will be funded separately after construction is complete. The short-term goal is to fund artist residencies through a limited number of market-rate rentals, fundraising events, and co-operative art sales in collaboration with contributing artists. The long-term goal is to become a 501(c)3 non-profit organization who can meet operating costs through grants, fundraising events and cooperative art sales including print-editions of affordable art.

We are looking to a number of other artist-run organizations as models for alternative economies. These include Braddock Tiles, The Shandanken Project, Dorchester Projects, Just Seeds.  


The Budget

This budget includes the costs of demolition and carting for existing damaged framing (all material that can be salvaged will be reused as interior finishes, including hardwood flooring and roofing joists), new framing and structural repair, new membrane roof, new electrical system and service, new interior plumbing, new water service connection, new gas lines and raised gas blower for heat, refinished hardwood flooring, exterior siding and waterproofing, rigid foam insulation, marine-grade plywood as interior skim, finish details including skylights, windows, doors, ceiling fan and glass garage door, composite decking material for rebuilt front and side porch, interior kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances (reclaimed or salvaged), and of course, fair labor costs.

Our Kickstarter campaign is also taking into account the 5% fee for using Kickstarter, a 3-5% credit-card processing fee from Amazon payments, and costs (like shipping) associated with fulfilling the rewards.  

Rewards are all given by donation from the contributing artist or organization. We believe this helps to showcase the diversity and immensity of talent that inhabits our community and cultivates its culture. We imagine this will be a taste of what is to come when Stilt City opens its doors. 


Our Crew

We are working with Grant Davis Thompson, Inc. as our General Contractor, and with local plumbers (O'Grady Plumbing and Heating), electricians and laborers. Interior finishes will be in collaboration with our community of local artists and artisans.


What Sustainability Means to Stilt City

Wherever possible we will be using reclaimed materials. Wherever possible we will be working locally, to help contribute the the economy of our community. Finishes and details will be created using fine craft, rather than mass-produced design. The goal is to create a piece of architecture that is the culmination of many skill-sets, many visions, and many hands. As a structure it will embody the labor and vision of a layered and complex community that evolves organically over time as an aggregation of its participating members.