Stilt City is committed to the grassroots ethic of working with and within a community, creating a participatory environment where long-term relationships and open dialogue can be fostered. Stilt City is new to The Rockaway community, and recognizes that it must start at the beginning to build roots that intertwine rather than overpower the existing systems and structures of the community.

On its founding principles, Stilt City aims to actively counteract the destructive development practices of predatory housing, and reclaim the role of art in the community as a valve for expression of its residents rather than a tool of commerce.

Stilt City wishes to begin these conversations with local artists, residents and organizations in The Rockaways.

You can reach us at


Thank You! Stilt City is already the culmination of many hours of labor, love and support from many people. Without ya'll it wouldn't be possible.

Architectural Team: Jaklitsch / Gardner Architects

Stephan Jaklitsch, Principal.
Mark Gardner, Principal.
Sean Reagin, Architect
Kamali Marsh, Architect.
Pia Yasay, Marketing.
Wendy Liles, Marketing.


Press Consultant

Elizabeth H. Kubany, EHKPR.


Institutional Support

Architecture for Humanity
Pioneer Works
Rockaway Artist Alliance
The 1% for Public Architecture


It Takes Many Hands to Raise a Roof

Michael Almon
Thomas Beale
Andrew Benincasa
Kate Brehm
Elaine Chew
Antonio Dellomo
Catherine Despont
Industry City Distillery
Veronica Dougherty
Nathan Ellman-Bell
Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels
Gabriel Florenz
Sara Fox
Porter Fox
Joey Frank
Dan Guarino
Maya Hayuk
Anna Ialeggio
Serban Ionescu
Tracy Jarvis
Olivia Katz
Dave Kyrejko
Kristen Leonard
Ella Marder
J McDonald
Liam Murray
Daniel Nilsson
Melody Nixon
Bobby O'Grady
Marco Orozco
Duke Riley
Swen Rudolph
Paula Segal
Wendell Seitz
Dave Sheinkopf
Jeff Stark
Radek Szczesny
Palmer Thompson-Moss
Kristine Virsis
Eric Wolfe
Dustin Yellin